Cimbalom World Association - CWA

On Nov. 3th, 1991 in Hungary, the Cimbalom / hammered dulcimer / World Association was founded. The CWA aims to group artists of cimbalom and similar instruments like yanchin, santur, hackbrett, hammered dulcimer, tympanon, qanun, kantele, etc. - and all interested companies and persons - in order to support and promote cimbalom music in the world.

Functioning as a cimbalom music centre, it helps members to obtain scores, partitures, records and other musical material including their transfer to the claimants. The CWA hold a World Congress once in every two years. In this time CWA has members from 32 countries of Europa, Asia, America, Australia. They are artists, players, instrument manufacturers, music publishers, scientists of music, etc. The CWA is registered according Hungarian law.